Perhaps, the best way to make easy and beautiful notes, mems and diaries. Take a closer look at it!


We’ve gathered all feedbacks from our users and included features they really wanted!

Cloud Storage

We provide you with a safe cloud to keep all your notes and pictures in safe.

Night Mode

We’ve made a dark theme for you, so you can use it permanently or set as Night Mode!


Set alarms and notifications to your notes, so that you’ll never miss something scheduled!


Set password to notes that you want to be secured, but not the whole app!


You can create your own categories, as many as you want and set colors to them!

Collage Images

We’ve created an excellent tool, which makesimages absolutely awesome in your note!

Quick Review

Take a closer look at the app functional


Never miss a scheduled note or event, that you’ve planned. Menote will notify you about in time! We also took care about sounds of your notifications. After listening to 1000s of sounds, we chose the best for you. You’ll have some to choose from!

Night Mode

Many of us have some tastes about themes and interface light or dark colors. Some of us wants to use the dark one only when it’s dark outside. wherever you are, So we’ve made it both for you!

Collage Images

We made a special tool for organising images just wright in the note. You can rearrange and build a nicely collage or remove image without any spare steps!


So how about to sort all your notes in your own needs? You can create as many categories as you want. You can name them as you want and set colors from a variety.

We’re building a cross platform product


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Tablets are coming along real soon...

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